Monthly archives:August 2013

  • surprised by strength - budding confidence workshop

  • Surprised by Strength… Wow!  Was I surprised by the strength it took to get up in front of my extended family during a vacation and share my heart while teaching a Budding Confidence photography workshop with the girls in our family! I invited any of the girls that would like to join me in a p[...]
  • simple pleasures

  • simple pleasures.  to me, swimming is one of those simple pleasures that add so much to my enjoyment of summer. our extended family had the opportunity to vacation together again this year and the pool brought many hours of enjoyment to all of us.  i call swimming a simple pleasure  because i don't[...]
  • moving day for doug and karen

  •  moving day today for my friends doug and karen. we had an awesome date together yesterday photographing these two in their favorite places as they are preparing to being a new journey in another city.  so, this is moving day for them.  this first photo is in their friends' home, ted and allison key[...]
  • fun faces with my camera

  • fun faces with my camera.  i invited my young friends over to jump on the furniture while i had my camera. they were helping me with a project. they were certain no one had ever asked them to do this before and even though they were shy, they loved the idea. i'm not sure if they ever talked to me, b[...]