Monthly archives:October 2013

  • road less traveled

  • "the road less traveled" is a poem by robert frost. my favorite lines are: "Two roads diverged in a wood,and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." when feeling overwhelmed with the demands on my time, i begin to long for the comfort in the beauty of nature an[...]
  • book giveaway!

  • book giveaway.  okay...  i confess...   you caught me....  i started my christmas shopping a little early... happy dance going on over here!  i am so excited to have this book in my tool box of inspiration that I am giving away a free copy of Me Ra Koh's latest book that was released  on  October 1[...]
  • baby brother

  • baby brother has arrived and his sister loves him.   lots of firsts, first time sister has a baby brother and gets to share mom and dad. last night was the  first time mom put two kids to bed.  all the family has come and gone.  yesterday was  first time dad returned to work as a father of two after[...]