Monthly archives:January 2014

  • looking at me

  • looking at me.  project: self portrait. this is my second year of getting in front of the camera intentionally.  the purpose: taking a self portrait at the beginning of the new year.  it's an interesting exercise to watch and look for ways i have changed and grown more into who i am. Listen to s[...]
  • the color red

  • the color red. this is my chosen color for this new year of 2014 and i feel such an excitement stirring in me. when i think of this color red i am reminded of the words eager anticipation,  energy, and remarkable. just moving to a new place, i went exploring very close to home and found all kinds [...]
  • january 10 on 10

  • january 10 on 10.  moving into a new home brings lots of new experiences.  cleaning out the ash from the fire to examine the wood stove was how the day started with an early breakfast of coffee and peanut butter.  haha.  oh my.  rain drizzled outside the entire day.  everyone was tired just l[...]