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  • birth stories: a fireman's tale

  • birth stories:  a fireman's tale.  This photo session was done at the fire station because both parents work with the Riner, VA Fire Station and Rescue team.  this is such a beautiful story.  be sure to read to the end for some fun facts about our time together. The second Elijah was placed in [...]
  • Fork and Cork Festival Blacksburg

  • Fork and Cork Festival Blacksburg included food, wine, and art. I loved my barbecue sandwich from Bull and Bones, but I could not drink and work well! Enjoy this video from the day that I created.  I talked with so many awesome people that my "smiler" was tired at the end of the day..  I saw fami[...]
  • birth stories: josiah's story

  • birth stories:  Josiah's story is about a quick delivery.  So quick that I missed it!  But I did arrive in time for some fun family photos. Our third was a surprise baby because we didn't think we would get pregnant so quickly. It took us 2 years of trying to get pregnant with Joseph, who is now [...]