Monthly archives:July 2014

  • lazy days of summer

  • lazy days of summer. wow.  "summer is the shortest month!"  i said this to my husband instead of saying summer is the shortest season. haha.  i want to soak in every warm wonderful moment of these cherished and somewhat  relaxed days before school begins again. i decided to photograph my g[...]
  • birth stories: healing came

  • birth stories are always so awesome to me, each one so different.  i encourage every mom to write down their experience because at birthdays, it will be fun to share that day with the child. here is the birth story of Caitlin Faith.  for andrea, healing came through giving birth vaginally[...]
  • sheep shearing kinda day

  • sheep shearing kinda day.  i got the call, "wanna come and watch sheep shearing?"  how could i say no... now, i want to be right up front with you.  i know nothing about sheep and i haven't decided if i even like sheep! so, here are a few of my favorite photos from the morning at the barn tryi[...]
  • summer photo tips for VBS

  • summer photo tips for VBS.  i am the only grandma i know taking her grandkids to VBS this week, but it's okay because i had the most fun of all and i sang the loudest of anyone around me! i decided to find fun summer activities in my area to take my grandkids to and participate with them when i c[...]