Monthly archives:August 2014

  • pets and their people: week 2

  • pets and their people:  week 2 i wanted to recap the photos from week two in case you missed any of the photos.  it also helps me keep track of them too. i'm learning all kinds of things about myself that i will save for week three. here is week two.   DAY 8    august 8th [...]
  • pets and their people: week 1

  • pets and their people:  week 1. this personal project is a 30 day photo challenge i gave myself for the month of august.  i thought i would do a blog post recap for each week. Here is week one of pets and their people.  i would love to know which photos are your favorites. DAY 1:  august 1s[...]
  • do horses have a language

  • do horses have a language?  yes they do and it is all their own. i am learning the importance of knowing a horse's language. their ears tell a lot and also, they want to smell you.  haha. this is DAY 12 of the photo challenge i gave myself of "pets and their people". i could not decide whic[...]
  • unexpected fear

  • unexpected fear rose up in me as horses, appearing from nowhere, started circling us. "pets and their people" is my current personal project.  i gave myself a challenge in the month of august to photograph 30 pets and their people, if the people agree to be in the photo, in 30 days. it is only[...]