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  • birth stories: fayth

  • birth stories:  fayth After a difficult year of pregnancy loss, I learned I was pregnant in January of 2014.  I would like to say that the pregnancy was easy and that I never worried, but that wouldn’t be true.  There seemed to be one hurdle after another during the pregnancy, and many days w[...]
  • just another saturday

  • just another saturday for this family, but so special for me!  these are my grandkids and i got to hang out with them a little on saturday, a week ago.  it was drizzling rain, so my hopes of taking them on a fall walk was not an option. in this photo below, clara is explaining to the littlest one[...]
  • celebrating family

  • celebrating family. recently, during a  late sunny afternoon, i was able to photograph this beautiful family.   we were celebrating family because their baby girl was turning one.