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  • personality photographs well

  • personality photographs well.  i love newborn babies and especially newborn puppies. this is luke.  i studied him. i observed.  i also talked to his new family about him. Luke is curious, a bit timid at times,  playful, and bounding with energy. in these photos, i tried to capture those traits[...]
  • babies

  • babies. Retired after 25 years as a labor and delivery nurse, I am now working as a hospital / home birth photographer.  I am thoroughly enjoying being back in the labor and delivery room doing birth photography  capturing, with a camera, life as it happens.  Quiet, calm, and confident in the labor[...]
  • birth stories: mellow fellow

  • birth stories:  mellow fellow. Here is Ginny's story.  My thoughts are at the end. "It’s hard to know where the beginning of my son Asa’s birth story begins. From the first few weeks of pregnancy, we began writing a unique story, different from his brother Sam’s, in many ways. The overwhelming n[...]