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  • birth stories second baby

  • birth stories: second baby. this big brother was enamored by his new baby sister. he watched from a distance for awhile and steadily moved closer. i absolutely love birth stories as you know, and i especially enjoyed  being at this second birth with these new friends. Peaceful and filled with[...]
  • birth stories: redeeming birth

  • Birth Stories:  redeeming birth. Sharing BIRTH stories is my favorite thing on the blog because i love hearing the stories from the parent's perspective. What a wonderful gift we give our children when we take the time to write down their birth story.  My kids call on their birthdays and ask me to [...]
  • birth stories: angie

  • i love these birth stories.  being there for the birth, i know what i see and it is so much fun to hear it from the mom's perspective.  i get to hear dad's input too.  i was with john and angie for their first birth as well.  wow.  what different stories for each child.  i feel like these birth st[...]
  • Going Back in Time

  • Going back in time is how I felt while walking the streets of Bethelem in this local community - wide event in my neighborhood. I came the first night and was as excited as the two year old in the car seat behind me.  My squeals of delight could be heard by many as the chariot with fire r[...]