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  • 5 photo tips for dads in the birthing room

  • As you know from Part 1, our family photos were lost when my parents' home burned to the ground. Extended family members made some copies of photos they had of me and my family. One photo struck my heart the most: It was a photo I had never seen before of my dad holding me when I was three days old.[...]
  • the other side

  • The other side.  As a photographer, this is a short humorous story about my experience being photographed. The other side of the camera is really scary to me! I seldom, you could even say, ‘rarely’, see that side. I know a lot about the side I use to view the world. That’s where I am comfortable, m[...]
  • birth stories: my own.

  • birth stories:  my own experience. i am a professional birth photographer with no birth photos but i do have a newspaper clipping!  our daughter was not born in the hospital.  she was born along the way... as a labor and delivery nurse, i was guilty of laughing at birth clients that did not make [...]