Monthly archives:March 2016

  • beautiful meaning of rainbow baby

  • quoting this article from simplemost, "as any mother can tell you, a child is an extremely precious gift. Therefore, a miscarriage, stillbirth, or any type of infant loss is an extremely traumatic and heartbreaking situation for the family involved.  their lives are forever changed by the loss of th[...]
  • becoming a birth photographer

  • This is why I became a birth photographer. Looking into the face of my first grandson, I recognized the importance of documenting the new life I was holding in my arms. That single moment of becoming a grandma is what made me pick up the camera. I’d been a labor and delivery nurse for twenty five[...]
  • goal setting: take a photography workshop

  • setting goals and meeting them: #1 goal for me is to take a photography workshop. are you like me?  i set a few small goals to try and accomplish for the new year.  eagerly, i start down my list, but most of the time i stop and don't finish the final few.  taking a photography workshop was number[...]