5 ideas for a memorable birth experience

As a birth photographer and a former labor and delivery nurse,  I have five wonderful ideas that will make your birth experience memorable.

enjoy. enjoy that first hour of your baby’s birth. it’s priceless. laugh, hug, and kiss your baby.  hold him or her close.

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embrace.  embrace the beauty of your birth.  it is beautiful and can be photographed modestly.

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enter in.  enter in to those first moments of seeing and holding your baby, of becoming a mom for the first time or expanding your heart to receive another. bask and revel in this time.

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examine.  examine your baby.  who do they look like?  look into their eyes.  study them.  watch and observe.  discover who they are.  it’s amazing all you can take in about your child.

birth, birth experience, memorable birth experience

exist.  exist in photos and let someone else handle the camera. be fully present.  you’ve waited so long for this moment

extra points. extra points for reading this far.  a final thought.

bonus point. engage. engage in a discussion with me about birth photography and let me photograph your birth story.

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a former labor and delivery nurse of 25 years, I am now working as a hospital/home birth photographer in southwest Virginia and loving it. being back in the birthing room feels like coming home.quiet, calm, and confident in the birthing room, I can anticipate the events and therefore, I am an excellent choice for photographing the birth of your baby

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  1. by Corey on May 28, 2016  8:49 am Reply

    Great tips for expecting families getting ready for the birth of their new babies, with or without birth photography! Those first moments are so precious!

  2. by Deanna Woodworth on May 28, 2016  9:37 am Reply

    I really think these are valuable tips for any new mom. Birth photography is such a personal and intimate genre of photography, and I think it's wonderful that you were previously a labor and delivery nurse. I'm sure that gives your Southwest Virginia clientele a lot of comfort that they have made the right decision for their birth photography needs. Beautiful work!

  3. by Christine D on May 28, 2016  9:51 pm Reply

    These are all great tips! While there are many things you will never forget about giving birth and meeting your baby, there are many more you think you will never forget that you do! Having a professional birth photographer there to capture those little moments can bring that experience back as if you were there again...with only the joy this time and no discomfort!

  4. by Ruben on May 29, 2016  11:05 am Reply

    Lovely birthing tips Laura! My wife is almost due and I'll be sure to pass these tips along to her! Beautiful moments you've captured!

  5. by Samantha on May 29, 2016  12:44 pm Reply

    Great tips and useful information!

  6. by Maria Martinez on May 29, 2016  10:12 pm Reply

    These tips are perfect for any new momma! Birth photography is so amazing and this will help anyone looking into it better understand! I agree 100 percent that new parents should enjoy and take that first hour to really soak in their new bundle and new family!

  7. by Kathy on May 30, 2016  12:22 pm Reply

    These are all great tips! Birth photography is so amazing and such a personal and special type of photography, you do such a beautiful job showing the intimacy and emotion of the first moments of these families lives.

  8. by Allison Anderson on May 30, 2016  1:45 pm Reply

    Birth photography is so special and amazing for those mothers that decide to go with it. I think it takes so much pressure off them to remember those hectic and crazy moments during their baby's birth.

  9. by Jentry Dryden on May 31, 2016  12:48 pm Reply

    I so admire birth photographers like you for your talent to photograph a birth and capture those monumental moments for families. I skipped a birth photographer with my first son, but I think the next go 'round I will make sure to have someone document it. I had a c-section and couldn't get out of bed to take photos of my little guy, and my husband just didn't think to do it until I asked him once I came out of the fog from the procedure. These are fantastic tips - I especially love the tip to enjoy that first hour. It goes so fast!!

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