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Looking into the face of my first grandson, I recognized the importance of documenting the new life I was holding in my arms. That single moment of becoming a grandma is what made me pick up the camera. I’d been a labor and delivery nurse for twenty five years, but nothing prepared my heart for this moment of having his little hand wrapped around my finger. I was determined to pursue a second career in photography. He was less than a day old, and I was about to turn fifty.

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That was seven years ago, and I have loved every minute of becoming a professional photographer. Going back to school for college classes in photography was a mixture of fun, excitement, and honestly scary.

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After five years of strictly doing wedding photography, I found my heart drawn back to the room I know so intimately: the delivery room. Except this time, I’m the photographer with a nurse’s heart—holding the moments I intuitively anticipate with every photo I take. The first sound of new life entering the world never grows old as my heart beats faster and overflows with love each time.

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To think that this second chapter in my life was birthed the day I became a grandma still amazes me. I often feel too young to be called grandma. In fact, my grandkids call me “Grammie”. (I have to confess that I chose the name because of the Grammy awards. I knew I was going to be great at being a Grammie, great enough to win the Grammie award!)

birth, hospital birth, lauraswiftphotography.com, birth photography, birth stories

Even though my heart feels younger than ever with a camera in hand, I know that every step I take in following my passion creates a living legacy for my grandkids. I want them to see that you are never too old to try something new and that nothing is wasted. Every step we take, all of our life experiences, lead us to this beautiful evolving process of finding who we are.

lauraswiftphotography.com,birth, hospital birth, birth photography, birth stories

I have learned through photography, through having little ones call me Grammie, that it’s okay to shift your path, even when it doesn’t make any sense…even when your career has lasted a quarter of a century…even then it’s still okay to trust your heart.

~laura (a grammie with a giggle)

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