baby boy with lots of hair

this baby boy has so much beautiful hair just like his mother.  this was an impromptu portrait session in the back yard.  it worked out beautifully.  i got to photograph poppies which i dearly love.  and they grew every year in my grandmothers garden. moms and their babies hold a special place in my heart. due to a house fire several years ago, i have no photos of me before marriage.  i think that is part of the reason i want to give moms beautiful photos of this special time around the birth of their baby.  another reason i love birth photography, is that i had one of my children in the car and i have no photos of that experience!  i do have a newspaper clipping telling of the event!  haha.  i do not recommend birthing in a car.  ~laura

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a former labor and delivery nurse of 25 years, I am now working as a hospital/home birth photographer in southwest Virginia and loving it. being back in the birthing room feels like coming home.quiet, calm, and confident in the birthing room, I can anticipate the events and therefore, I am an excellent choice for photographing the birth of your baby

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