birth photography image competition 2017

image competition, birth, birth photographers

 in this yearly photography competition, birth photographers are uniting to celebrate birth.

in this image competition, birth photographers are coming together and raising awareness about the beauty of birth.  it is a “community over competition” environment which i thrive in.

this is my third year to enter the International association of professional birth photographers annual competition.  honestly, with 600 entries and the amazing, over the top skill in this competition, i do not expect to win, but i love the exposure and education this competition gives to birth in our society.

image competition, birth photography, birth photographers

i believe birth is beautiful and it is the beginning of a child’s story, his story: a story worth remembering.  i love the faces of parents as they meet this baby for the first time.  nine months in the womb wondering who the baby will look like and then to see him/her face to face.  these experiences are meant to be remembered and talked about and shared.   sharing these emotion-filled, history-making moments is what i do through my camera.  #birthphotogs

Here are just some of the amazing photographers also entering the competition this year ~

Monet Nicole, Jennifer Mason, Kayla Gonzales, Vanessa Mendes, Hilary Marie, Jo Robertson, Elliana Gilbert, Angela Gallo, Lacey Barratt, Kendal Blacker, Isabell Steinert, Kourtnie Walker Scholz, Kylie Garces, Erika Townend, Mary Neiland, Laura Swift, Catherine Brown, Elise Hurst, Katie Mathis, Esther Edith, Neeley Ker Fox, Jenna Nord, Elizabeth Farsnworth, Michele Steiner,Stephanie Entin, Katie Lewis, Amanda Ditzel, Heather Joslyn Ball, Albany J Alvarez, Ashley Short, Diana Hinek, Gerjanne Immeker, Tammy Karin, Shea Michelle, Sarah Fot-Taege, Katia Grondin, Angie Klaus, Raven Dibble, Camille Borba, Laura Kralovetz, Rachel Utain Evans, Jen Olson, Jessica Worland, Melissa Appleton, Rebecca Wolfran, Dorothea Schulz, Holly Michelle, Julie Dater-Twomey, Brittany Reynosa, Renee Bergeron, Carlee Melenko, Kim Hammond, Robin Greene, Susan Johnson, Elaine Baca, Ashley Short, Jessica French Peterson, Jennifer Hamilton 

Jo Robertson

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