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birth stories: second baby. this big brother was enamored by his new baby sister. he watched from a distance for awhile and steadily moved closer.

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i absolutely love birth stories as you know, and i especially enjoyed  being at this second birth with these new friends. Peaceful and filled with  loving grandparents and a best friend is how i would describe it.

second babies are awesome.  i know mine was!   being second in the family is always an interesting spot.  i was much more relaxed as a parent the second time around. enjoy the 90 second video highlighting their day. ~laura

preparing siblings to meet their new baby is always fun and i love watching these first reactions.  you can read more here about 5 tips for preparing your children to meet their new baby.

birth, birth stories, birth photography, birth photographer

for birth photography information, you can  contact me.  i am never more at home than when i am in a delivery.

i also teach photography workshops.  interested in learning more about your camera, i am teaching an awesome easy fun class on Saturday, March 12, 2016. it is hands on learning filled with lots of practice with your camera.

read here for more information on this photography workshop.

birth stories, second babies, birth, birth photography, birth photographer


  1. by Jamie on January 27, 2016  12:41 am Reply

    Your birth photography is gorgeous. This is something I wish I had did with my girls. So amazing.

  2. by Samantha on January 27, 2016  5:29 am Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful newborn birth photography! I love the links you included to read more about the session and the brief overview of the family's story. The black and whites are just so striking! Gorgeous birth photography!

  3. by Christine D on January 27, 2016  1:16 pm Reply

    Your maternity, birth and newborn photography is always beautiful and full of emotion. You capture those little moments around those new little babies so perfectly. How fun to be able to be with these families at such a joyous time!

  4. by Beth on January 29, 2016  4:54 am Reply

    Aw, so great that this baby had some skin-on-skin time with their father while mom was still recovering from her C-section. Beautiful photography from the day this sweet baby was born!

  5. by Megan on January 29, 2016  11:47 am Reply

    Gorgeous documentation of this amazing birth story! I love the video and all the great storytelling that went into this!

  6. by Brenden on January 29, 2016  2:56 pm Reply

    Birth photography is so incredibly special. It takes such dedication and love from the photographer to capture these beautiful moments of a families new baby entering the world. I love the one of the big brother getting closer to see his new sister. The lighting is absolutely beautiful!

  7. by Kathy on January 29, 2016  5:36 pm Reply

    I love birth photography!! The images are always so powerful and moving. It's truly amazing what our bodies go through to bring a child in to this world. Beautiful work Laura!

  8. by Nicola Windjack on February 1, 2016  1:58 pm Reply

    I love seeing how little ones interact with their new siblings... it's such a special time! Your birth photography is amazing and you truly capture the emotion and love that surrounds this experience.

  9. by Jenny Storment on February 1, 2016  6:13 pm Reply

    I love your birth stories and birth photography. Your style is perfect for a birth photography I feel like you have to be a documentary photographer covering an event like having a second baby.

  10. by Dawn on February 3, 2016  4:13 pm Reply

    I really like the your photography workshop post, it would be great a for a beginner to learn the tips and tricks from a professional. Do you offer workshops on being a birth photographer? I could see a lot of new photographers looking to get into that field and work with families.

    • by Laura on February 3, 2016  4:46 pm Reply

      i have not thought about offering a workshop for birth photography. hmmm. i will think on that.

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