colored wall maternity session

right away, i knew the colored wall would be the perfect location for the rented maternity dress.

the story of the rented maternity dress begins.   i rented a light blue, patterned maternity dress and gave myself the challenge of seeing how many different locations i could find, along with a different pregnant mom for each location in one week. this is the first pregnant mom of four models wearing the rented dress.

colored wall, rented maternity dress, maternity,

i connected with nicole through a local mom’s group when i was asking about pregnant models for this project.  we met for the first time in the very crowded bakery and chatted about the photo session.  bundled up to keep warm, we walked to the end of the large parking lot.  leaving the parking lot, we started walking along the wooded path to the colored wall. carrying my gear, large reflector, and a chair, we looked funny but no one was standing close to laugh at us.  looking around it was a fun challenge to use what was available to us.  the large green wooden door was not exactly the right shade of green for the dress, but we made it work.  i noticed a white garage door which made a perfect backdrop as well as the pile of leaves under a nearby tree.  it was truly an adventure to see what we could discover in that location.

colored wall, rented maternity dress, maternity

this dress is from mama bump rentals.  i will happily rent another dress.  customer service was 5 stars for me.

my normal style is earth toned long flowing gowns, so this blue print dress was awesome for a winter photo session. side note:  nicole is the one who suggested i write about the adventures of the rented maternity dress.  i took her advice.

colored wall, rented maternity dress, maternity,

the rest of the story. nicole has delivered a beautiful son.  i was able to go and photograph him at 5 days old.  new friendships are awesome.  ~laura

colored wall, rented maternity dress, maternity

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  1. by Shelly Heinrichs on February 9, 2017  11:00 pm Reply

    Great idea with the dress! Bet it was a lot of fun!

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