maternity and barbells

barbells and maternity.  leigh anne loves to lift weights, so i followed her to the gym.  working with her trainer, she has greatly reduced her workout weights while being pregnant.

okay.  it was my first time to a weight lifting gym.  thank goodness it wasn’t crowded.  i was already a little nervous, but the light was gorgeous and i loved the challenge of this environment.  i felt like i had stepped into a “rocky” gym and i was expecting to see a boxing ring any time.

she was having a few mild contractions, but no harm came to mom or baby while photographing.  an awesome time was had by all at the roanoke barbell club.

i love to offer my birth clients a maternity session.  it helps them get to know me before the actual birth.  i feel like part of the family now after being with them.

notice in this photo the sign above her head. shut up and squat. she is doing neither!

maternity and barbells,

contact laura for birth photography.  i am calm and qualified in the birthing room.  as a former labor and delivery nurse, i feel right at home in the birthing environment.



  1. by Samantha on August 3, 2016  12:02 pm Reply

    What a fun idea for a maternity shoot!

  2. by Sarah marie on August 3, 2016  4:33 pm Reply

    What a unique location! Love that you are able to have that experience for birth photography.

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