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Motherhood: a crowning achievement.    a personal photo project.

this crown of achievement photo project is on display at the Blacksburg Library for July and August, 2017 which makes me so happy!  here is the story.

I’m the birth photographer with a nurse’s heart. In 2006, I found my heart drawn back to the room I know so intimately: the delivery room.  Except this time, retired after 25 years as a labor and delivery nurse. I am thoroughly enjoying being back in the labor and delivery room as the family’s photographer capturing life as it happens with a camera. I have met many young mamas and seen many births.

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I had a vision about these moms…

In Roman times, crowns were given for a satisfying achievement and gratifying victories. I felt like that described motherhood perfectly: a crown of achievement.

A mother, just by being herself, is empowering, training up, and teaching the next generation. It’s important work and there is nothing else like it.

I contacted All the former clients. I had been a part of their journey to become moms as I had photographed either their pregnancy, their birth, or their newborn. Those responding totaled 24 moms and I photographed them all within 14 days!

I took away all props to be able to fully focus and see each mother. I wanted them to feel pretty in whatever they were wearing for the photo. Each morning on my walk I would gather different greenery for the head pieces to be made that day. Some days a storm had happened and new foliage fell from the very tops of the trees. These branches were gathered as well as ferns for every headpiece. I also included various flora and fauna from the woods around my home.

Clients would come to my home and choose what to wear from a rack of clothing set up in my bedroom.  Leaving the house and walking down the wooded path, we arrived at the tent. Sitting down, we began to talk about motherhood and what it was like for each of them.

I clicked the shutter of my camera while they were talking, their eyes big with excitement and lots of honest answers about their achievements, triumphs, and accomplishments as a mom. I heard lots of crowning achievement stories shared from the heart. It was a beautiful and special time with each of them.

It was thrilling for me to listen to their motherhood journey and respond by cheering each mom on in the daily achievements of motherhood. As moms, just by being ourselves, we impact the next generation. Wear your crowns proudly. The project was inspired by a 1910 wedding dress in the family and a dream about 24 moms and a Scripture verse about crowns.   Here is a slideshow video of the  moms that participated in the project.

i encourage everyone to have a personal creative project.  i learned so much about myself and it feels so good to start and finish something. i feel proud.  i admit it.   first time for:  shooting for a square image,  putting the subject in the middle of the frame, and only using a 50mm camera lens.  talking to 24 moms while photographing them when i normally shoot in a documentary style was agonizing for me.  i finished the project in 14 days.  honestly, i was burned out after editing and delivering all the images, but i took a week off from shooting and recovered.  stretch yourself.  get a personal project.  come on.  it’s worth it. Special thanks to Jennifer Thoreson for sharing her creative process and Creative Live’s fine art women’s portraits by Jennifer Thoreson workshop.

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a former labor and delivery nurse of 25 years, I am now working as a hospital/home birth documentary photographer in southwest Virginia and loving it.  being back in the birthing room feels like coming home.  quiet, calm, and confident in the birthing room, I can anticipate the events and therefore, I am an excellent choice for photographing the birth of your baby.

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