moving day for doug and karen

 moving day today for my friends doug and karen.

we had an awesome date together yesterday photographing these two in their favorite places as they are preparing to being a new journey in another city.  so, this is moving day for them.  this first photo is in their friends’ home, ted and allison keys, and these friends feel like family to this couple.

doug and karen asked for a vintage feel to their photos and carried old luggage in the pictures.

  a vintage wedding dress fit karen beautifully and a tulle skirt helped create this vintage feel to their story.

we were able to visit the river, their favorites coffee shops and restaurants, in front of their home, and favorite hiking trails including their dog, cali, in some of the photos.

Laura Swift Photography

Laura Swift Photography

Laura Swift Photography

Laura Swift PhotographyLaura Swift PhotographyLaura Swift PhotographyLaura Swift PhotographyLaura Swift PhotographyLaura Swift PhotographyLaura Swift Photography



  1. by lydia schwab on August 11, 2013  4:36 pm Reply

    Hey Laura,

    I loved the way you captured their story of their lives here and the new journey that are about to behold. The black and white is classic for an old time vintage feel. I can sense that they may have met at a coffee shop and have lots of fond memories there, have a passion for music and worship, and Karen's love for dance. I thought is was great to include their pet since she is a part of the family. It was sweet to see that you were able to portray their way of saying goodbye and they were taking all the memories of this place and the people with them. I can see the vulnerability of what they felt in that one picture of them holding the umbrella in the rain with a bit of sadness to go but a way of them being together through any storm. You did a great job in telling their story.

    • by admin on August 11, 2013  4:45 pm Reply

      lydia, i also tried to make sure they were not always looking back and from the back of them, but also looking into the camera representing the future and the next step for them. i had not even thought of how karen loves dance. you are right. haha. wow. coffee dates are a definite way they share time together. love your thoughts on the umbrella photo and your insight. beautifully said. thanks so much for sharing your point of view. ~laura

  2. by Nelda Clelland (Doug's mom) on August 11, 2013  4:54 pm Reply

    Glad that they have chosen to live in Richmond where they can experience the richness of being in the same town as Doug's aunt, grandmother, and step-grandad.

    • by admin on August 11, 2013  4:59 pm Reply

      yes, nelda. we are excited they will be in a town with family. it is close enough for a visit too!

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