newport,va maternity session: glam meets boho

beth is a wonderful mix of glamor, sparkle, and bohemian when it comes to style for her maternity session. she had just enough time for a visit to the studio before returning to her home in macedonia.  she was still early in her pregnancy but this would be the last time she would be visiting us before the baby came.  i personally styled her maternity session to match her personality.

for beth, the vision i had included dried yellow roses in her loosely braided hair. she reminded me that this is exactly how she wears her hair at home!  her one request was to have a photo to enlarge as a framed print for the baby’s room.  the movie, family stone, is a favorite of hers and she loved the maternity photo of the mom in the movie.  this idea inspired us to photograph the first image of  beth in front of the large window.  during her session, we laughed, talked, cried, renewed our friendship,  and solved all the world’s problems in an hour!

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  1. by Elaine on January 4, 2018  12:02 pm Reply

    That first image is definitely my favorite and I love the meaning behind it :).

  2. by Vanessa Mendez on January 4, 2018  12:36 pm Reply

    I love your use of lighting on these images and the different outfits mama picked! So beautiful!

  3. by kourtnie on January 4, 2018  12:39 pm Reply

    LOVE that first image, and the dress/flowers in the second are beautiful. I have to ask, which of these images did she decide to hang in the baby's room?

    • by Laura on January 4, 2018  12:45 pm Reply

      the first image with the window behind her for the baby's room.

  4. by melissa benzel on January 4, 2018  2:16 pm Reply

    she's gorgeous! love, love, love, the yellow flowers!

  5. by Brittany Reynosa on January 4, 2018  2:26 pm Reply

    I love maternity sessions! These are so beautiful!

  6. by mallory gorham on January 4, 2018  2:31 pm Reply

    these are so gorgeous! what a beautiful mama! beautiful work, laura! ❤️

  7. by Chinelle on January 4, 2018  3:04 pm Reply

    What a beautiful mama to be!

  8. by Jodi S on January 4, 2018  9:55 pm Reply

    Love that first one so much! It's so unique and I can picture it perfectly in a baby's room!

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