strong family supported birth

hospital birth, strong supported birth

strong family supported birth is so beautiful to watch. family support was so strong during this hospital birth, i was mesmerized watching them work together.

they had done this before and everyone knew their role.

i saw strength in this mom that she didn’t know she had,

i was amazed at how easily she received support and encouragement,

and how well this family communicated with their birth team.

this mom had the quiet, strong support of a loving, praying, attentive husband,

a grammie who coached her through each contraction while grandpa babysat the other kids at home, and a cheer-leading sister that encouraged her using face time.

family togetherness.

hospital birth, family supported birth,

hospital birth

hospital birth

hospital birth

hospital birth

support, hospital birth

hospital birth

hospital birth

hospital birth, support

hospital birth, family supported birth

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a former labor and delivery nurse of 25 years, I am now working as a hospital/home birth documentary photographer in southwest Virginia and loving it.  being back in the birthing room feels like coming home.  quiet, calm, and confident in the birthing room, I can anticipate the events and therefore, I am an excellent choice for photographing the birth of your baby.

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