two moving through labor as one

two moving through labor as one.  they were connected and touching, holding and encouraging each other throughout the labor and delivery of their son.

labor, two moving as one, birth

the way they moved together during contractions was like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, and even more like the rhythmic crescendos in a beautiful symphony. musical and magical.

labor, two as one, birth

i love being invited into that intimate place called the birthing room where i feel love all around me. i am always watching for signs of it and this it what is can look like during birth.

labor, two as one, birth

love sounds like encouragement whispered in the ear.

labor, two as one, birth

love looks like a hand placed in the small of her back and  love may feel like the squeeze of a hand that will never loosen its grip.

love often tastes like the salty sweat of hard work and  but my favorite sign of love is the smell of  that new baby.

labor, two as one, birth

i am always pleasantly surprised and amazed at how different love looks during each birth.

labor, two as one, birth

it is beautiful and it always changes me.  ~laura

labor, two as one, birth

birth has always held my heart.  before i was a birth photographer i was a labor and delivery nurse for 25 years.  if i could help take away any fear during childbirth, then my day had been spent well and i felt satisfied.  birth is such a beautiful experience in so many ways, but seeing that baby’s face after nine months in hiding is why i bring my camera to each birth.  that first meeting of parents and baby, all those emotions waiting to come out.

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a former labor and delivery nurse of 25 years, I am now working as a hospital/home birth documentary photographer in southwest Virginia and loving it.  being back in the birthing room feels like coming home.  quiet, calm, and confident in the birthing room, I can anticipate the events and therefore, I am an excellent choice for photographing the birth of your baby.

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