village looks like extended family.

village. tribe.  community.  these are the words i would use to describe this child’s extended family.  you’ve heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child.  well, THIS child has a village to help raise him.  moms, grandmas, great grandmas, friends that feel like family and act like it too.

 when i was visiting this last time, i overheard them talking and they refer to him using the word prince!

this story is what a documentary fresh 48 session looks like when the baby leaves the birth hospital to go to the nicu hospital and finally comes home.  some of the village visited with the baby in the hospital every day and some nights, while others stayed with the recovering mom after her c-section.  no one slept much those first two weeks.  no one.

 village, documentary fresh 48 session, home newborn session,

village, documentary fresh 48 session, in home newborn session

village, documentary fresh 48 session, home newborn

village, dcumentary fresh 48 session,newborn home

village, documentary fresh 48 session, newborn home

village, documentary fresh 48 session, home newborn session

four generations laughing, documentary fresh 48 session, village

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