why i became a birth photographer

i wanted to share my reasons for becoming a birth photographer. i love birth!

i will confess that i do get a teeny bit grumpy sometimes during the on-call time but it’s only because i am so excited for this process of birth to begin.

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i think i photograph the birth for the baby.  it’s the start of their history, their story, their place in the family.

i want that baby, boy or girl, to know how excited their parents were to meet them, hold them, and kiss them for the first time.

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and i love everything related to birth:  the baby bump, the actual birth, and  watching the new parents become a  family. i want to be there to answer questions about birth, to take away fear about the process of labor and delivery.  i want my presence in the room, with my experience as a labor nurse, to bring peace to the parents.

becoming parents is a great reason to hire a photographer to document the occasion of birth.  it’s historicalseeing your baby for the first time.  after carrying the baby for nine months, you are totally excited to meet them.   all very good reasons to have a  photographer there.

Why I became a birth photographer.

Looking into the face of my first grandson, I recognized the importance of documenting the new life I was holding in my arms. That single moment of becoming a grandma is what made me pick up the camera. I’d been a labor and delivery nurse for twenty five years, but nothing prepared my heart for this moment of having his little hand wrapped around my finger. I was determined to pursue a second career in birth photography. He was less than a day old, and I was about to turn fifty.  (keep reading for more of my story….)


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